The educational institutions are likely to be opened from 25 January 2024 in Pakistan

A possible date for the opening of millions of educational institutions has emerged. According to sources, educational institutions in the country are likely to reopen on January 25 instead of January 11. The Ministry of Education is consulting with provincial governments in this regard. According to sources, the educational institutions are likely to be opened in phases from January 25. The final decision will be taken in a meeting to be held on January 4 under the chairmanship of Federal Minister Shafqat Mahmood.

It has been informed that only primary schools will be opened in the first phase before January 25, middle and secondary schools in the second phase and higher educational institutions in the third phase. A final decision will be made only after these proposals are consulted in the meeting on Monday, January 4.

In all these circumstances, Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood has said that the final decision on whether to open schools or not will be taken at the NCOC meeting. Will be less

The Federal Minister for Education said that last year all over the world including Pakistan changed, 2024 was a difficult year for the world, educational institutions, offices, industries and markets were closed, due to Corona had to go online system instead of school attendance. Due to Corona, many loved ones have also left us, but in spite of all the difficulties, work is underway on a uniform curriculum. In this regard, the curriculum up to primary level has been accepted by the three provinces, but only in Sindh. Despite Corona, all the staff continued to work for a uniform curriculum. A uniform curriculum would be a positive step for the whole country. Therefore, we are trying to make a uniform curriculum model for students in most cities. Faced, but all the challenges of education will be accepted and worked on

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