ALL App Free Coins

All App Free Coins

Hi Guy’s, I am going to tell you about today’s topic which is All app free coins . If you are staying till the end hope you will like it. So, hurry up and Start; In this first I will tell you about free coins then free coins applications then apps installation and working.

coins in applications

When you paly any game on your’s androids, iOS you have to seen when you reach to some goal or complete any task. They will give to you some coins as a reward . Basically these are the coins which you were just with small effort and entertainment.

Free Coins applications

Many applications give you coins as a reward . But you may add coins into your account with free of cost by using some techniques. Now I am going to tell you about some applications from which you can take coins free of cost.

“Who” Application

“Tango” Application

Apps working and installation

“Who App”

First you will install “who” application from your google Palystore by simply typing “Who app”. After installing this app requires some permissions, grant these permissions. Now you can click on the top right side “Coins” button . Now you can see different coins Packege which are all purchasable. For example 300 coins in 10$ , 500 Coins in 16$ etc. But by adopting a method you can earn coins free of cost. You can just intall “clone app” from your google palystore or appstore. Open it and grant the application’s permissions. Add the “Who app” in the clone through adding button in the “clone app”. Open who app then who app wants some information, fill it . And then when you finally open the who app you earn coins with free of cost.

“Tango App”

Intall Tango App into your phone through google play store . Login and open it then you can see your coins at the top of the screen. Click on your profile logo slightly Scroll down then you can see your coins into. Click on it you can see different packages which are all payable. Install “Current app” create your account on this application then open it. After opening opening you can see interface like audio, videos music, games etc.

Click on the “earn” button at the left bottom side. After this you can see some options like paly game 1: 30 mint and earn 15.00 points listen music 1:30 mint and earn 20.00 points . You can also earn points by sharing with other friends and by watching shorts videos. Now you can click on the “Redeem” button Scroll down then you can see an option”google play”. If you have 22k points then you will earn 10$ google play card. Click on the google play enter your account, then within 24 Hours you will receive a code via email .

Copy the code and open the google playstore, click on three lines. Then click on the “Redeem” button . Enter the copied code then click on the “Radeem” button . After this procedure 10$ gift will add into your google playstore . Then open the tango go to the purchase section and purchase coins in 10$ .So friends it was my small effort to guide you about a new one thing. Hope you are all understand it .If you are interested in more informative blogs stay with me .Thank you.

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