Best Universities & Ranking Worldwide

The “Academic Ranking of World Universities” has differently weighted criteria to evaluate the quality and performance of a university and therefore internationally comparable. Among others, this is measured in terms of Nobel prizes or other awards, winning the alumni or the Lerhpersonal University. The number of articles published or cited in the literature provides information on how well a university. Using statistical methods and points are awarded to the universities and this sorted later in the ranking in a list.For the basic requirements for the universities rank is that which is based on a survey of around 13400 scientists from lot of institutions in all around the world countries.
They were asked, among other things, which they keep in their university department for the most prestigious. This academic reputation makes up a part of the evaluation criteria in research and teaching.
Here is list of top 20 universities in the worldwide listed accordingly to their ranking..
  • World’s Best Universities Ranking
  • Harvard University – USA
  • Yale University-USA
  • University of Cambridge-UK
  • University of Oxford-US
  • MIT – USA
  • Stanford University-USA
  • Columbia University-USA
  • University of Pennsylvania (Upen) – United States
  • California Institute of Technology (CalTech) – United States
  • Princeton University-USA
  • Imperial College London – United Kingdom
  • Cornell University-USA
  • Johns Hopkins University-USA
  • Georgtown University-USA
  • McGill University – Canada
  • Duke University-USA
  • University of Hong Kong – China
  • University of Tokyo – Japan
  • University of Michigan – United States
  • ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) – Switzerland

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