Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Abbottabad – BISE Abbottabad

The introduction of BISE Abbottabad:

BISE Abbottabad was developed in 1990 after break-up with the Peshawar board under the NWFP BISE Act 1990. BISE Abbottabad is now working in its new building on Murree Road Abbottabad. The break-up with Peshawar board was just due to the burden of working load. From then to now, both boards are producing the better results.

The BISE Abbottabad is working in two separate sections. One part is dealing with all the matric affairs and the second one is working for intermediate issues for students. Due to this, the workload is less, and they are giving their best services to the students.

It is working under the Act 1990 NWFP BISE. This law comes with complete rules and regulations that are straightforward in the running process of the board. Apart from the act, all the governing authorities of BISE Abbottabad has the powers to give directions to focal persons of the board to achieve best from the rest.

Districts under BISE Abbottabad:

After separating from Peshawar Board, BISE Abbottabad is controlling the population of 3.47 million and covers an area of 17.194 square KM. Five districts are under the Abbottabad board. Their names are,

  • Haripur
  • Mansehra
  • Battagram
  • Kohistan
  • Abbottabad

Abbottabad board is giving their best services in above areas and producing results according to mentioned objectives. All others Pakistan educational boards also performing well so far.

The main aims and functions of the board:

The primary purpose includes the holding and conduction of secondary ad intermediate exams, Pakistani and classical languages exams and all the other exams under the supervision of the government. They also have to lay down all terms and conditions for admission purpose. Granting certificate to the passed candidates in the exams in also in their principal responsibility.

Inspection of institutions in the sense of checking study conditions is also in their duty list. In short, they are checking each thing that is necessary for the career of a student in secondary and intermediate level. BISE Abbottabad is performing all the responsibilities well and according to their best plan.

Abbottabad board results – Matric and Intermediate:

You can check the Matric result from the year 2008 to onwards. It has a vast database that is currently holding matric result from past 10-years. You just have to select year, exam type (Annual, Supply) and roll number, then Abbottabad board results will be on your screen.

The same case is with intermediate results. You can check intermediate result from the year 2001 to onwards. It has the result data of more than 5 million students and still counting. Abbottabad board results are very safe on their website, and they are using the latest methods of the database to give you the best services.

All about exams – from Datesheet history to certificates:

Abbottabad board is currently providing the best results in study reforms for secondary and intermediate level students. You can download datesheet history from their website. In addition to this, all the latest news about these two sections can be check from their website.

They are performing their responsibilities well and according to plans. Their success rate is also increasing year by year by the successful passing percentage of a student in secondary and intermediate level.

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