Top 10 Insurance Companies in UK

When it comes to buying the insurance, you probably don’t want to buy it from the bad company, because it can’t be helpful in any way. However, no matter that you don’t have an insurance policy or not you always want to get the services of the top insurance company. British people freely admit that they never get the services of the insurance company which is not listed on the list of best insurance companies in the UK. Let’s check it out the 10 UK insurance companies.


  1. Legal & General Group

Legal & General Group, a British multinational financial company which is located in the London, United Kingdom. Its services consist of life insurance pensions and investments. This company has a set-up in different companies like Egypt, France, Germany, India and Netherlands.

  1. Aviva;

Aviva, a British insurance company which is located in London, United Kingdom. Their customer’s ratio is approximately 34 million customers from the 16 different countries. In the UK, Aviva is considered to be the largest and leading life insurance and pension’s provider.

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  1. Old Mutual;

Old Mutual, an international insurance group. In 1845, it was established in the South Africa, and now it is listed in the top best UK based insurance companies which have over than 16 million customers and located at Floor No #5, Millennium Bridge House.

  1. Standard life;

Standard Life, a long-term investment business, which headquarters are located in Edinburgh and around the globe this company operate. It has more than 1.2 million shareholders in 50 different countries.

  1. Amlin;

Amlin, an independent best insurance companies in the UK which are operating in the UK and Bermudian markets. They frequently offer the insurance services to commercial enterprises and other insurance companies globally.

  1. Direct Line Insurance Group;

Direct Line Insurance Group, one of the best insurance companies in the UK which shaped in 2012. The company possesses many insurance firms who frequently offer the insurance products to the businesses and people.

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  1. AIG Europe Limited

AIG Europe Limited, one of the best UK insurance companies which provide Insurance services to individuals and corporate sectors and other businesses.

  1. RSA Insurance Group;

RSA Insurance Group, a British multinational insurance company which headquartered in located in the London, United Kingdom. This company operates in the UK, Ireland and Canada and provides insurance services to 140 different countries VIA local partners medium. This one of the top best UK based insurance companies has more than the 17 million customers.

  1. Friend’s life group;

Friends Life Group Limited, offers Pensions, Retirement products and Investments services to their clients. It was considered as a best insurance companies in UK, but Aviva acquired this company on 13 April 2015.

  1. Phoenix insurance company;

Phoenix Life Insurance Company, offers life insurance through nonaffiliated distributors in the UK. Others products include term life and variable universal life. The company was known as Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance Co but with the passage of time, his name is changed to the Phoenix Life Insurance Company.

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