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Inter 1st Year Biology Guess paper 2018 (100%)




Biology subject is very tough subject as we all of bio students and students are looking for guess paper of biology 2018 so they get the rid of biology subject preparation. We have now published 11th class bio guess paper 2018 so please note down and save this page for next updates regarding biology guess paper 2018. Thanks
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11th Class Guess Paper 2017 Biology

1st year Biology

Ch 1

Bio in the service mankind (health,food,environment ) Biological method.

Ch 2

Carbohydrates,lipids,level proteins.

Ch 3

Factor affecting rate reaction

Ch 4

P.membrane.Golgi apparatus, cytoskeletion, lysosomes, mitochondrin,plastids

Ch 5

TWO Five kingdom system.life cycle phage virus.aids

Ch 6

Structure of bacterial cell.nutrition bact.

Ch 8

Nutrition Reproduction,Basidiomycota, imp of fungi.



Ch 9

Anthoceropsidia, Evolution seed & leaf,life cycle adiantum,angiosperms,imp rosaea, solanaceae,

Ch 10

Protostomes & deuterostomes,parasitic adaptation platyhelminthes. mollusca.ch

ordate characters.

Ch 11

Light,Dar reaction kreb cycle,Glycolysis

Ch 12

Nutrition insectivorous plants.stomach.absorption food

Ch 14

Ascent sap,blood,lymphatic system,transpiration,comparison open&close system.

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