Happy New Year 2022 in America, Canada & UK

America new year day is a big event in world as well as america, Canada & UK that is celebrate with lot of happiness & prayers. On that day every country offer a holiday so that every people wishes happy new year to every one. Happy new year is consider one of the big event & most important holiday in all over the world. Peoples wishes new year to each others with giving gifts, eating foods, making new dishes and gathering families for fun.

In America(USA), Canada & united kingdom(UK) peoples also celebrates new year moments with huge traditions preparations, festivals and decorations. America have different type of culture with different ethnic background peoples.

In USA big every body waiting eagerly for 1 January for lot of fun happiness under the count down on big screens. All focused on bringing good luck for the new year and celebrating the coming of spring.

Cleaning houses and decorates places:

On the 1st day every one try to decorates his home with lights & clean the home for guest and new arrivals year. They believe that  when the clean home then all the bad luck also wash out form last year they welcome good luck & good luck by own ways. During cleaning they clear every thing in house and near places so that their are no chance of accidentally throwing out the good fortune of the new year. Every family complete the all preparations before the new year arrival.

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