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Guess Paper Mathematics 9th Class 2019

Class 9th Guess Paper for mathematics subject is available year 2019. Next paper after biolog is home economics and very next paper is mathematics. So first we have uploaded elements of home economics guess paper and we are provided new 2019 guess paper of mathematics ninth class(9th class).


Students of the 9th class requesting to us to upload mathematics guess paper in advanced so after receiving 53 students requests we are uploading match 9th class guess 2019. Below 9th math subject guess paper is given so you can download or note down all guess paper of math ninth class 2019. Thanks

Chapter # 1


Chapter # 2


Chapter # 3

(laws of log 1,3),(3.2/4,5,6),(3.3/2,4,5),(3.4/1,4)

Chapter # 4


Chapter # 5


Chapter # 6





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