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All Subjects Guess Papers of 9th Class 2020


Ilmkiweb is leading educational portal for students. This year 2020 we have collect and sort out the 9th class guess papers 2020 for 9th class students to bring excellent marks with minimum effort. Guess paper always give a idea of important and common question and save your effort and time as well.

As we Know that the papers of has been started 9th class so to get good marks with minimum efforts short and smart way to prepare exam with guess papers which help you to bring good marks. Every student want to cover all course outline but this is hard for all students.So that way we suggest you to prepare your next paper with the help of guess papers.


Students of 9th class can prepare all papers with two ways. One way for brilliant students that is prepare all sly-bus and then pick up guess and again revise all important questions. Second easy for lazy students that can not cover all course of 9th class and want to get good marks with smart & easy way to just prepare guess papers question. Believe me you will got good marks but only, if you at-least all questions.

So we are got 9th class all subjects guess papers of 2020. These guess we got form by professors and peoples that work on board have suggest. So i hope 60% papers will be covered if you cover and read, remind all guess question of 9th class. Collect all 9th class guess & leaked papers of 2020.

9th Class Guess papers 2020 All Subjects.(نہم کلاس کے تمام سبجکٹس کے گیس پیپرز)

Download Guess Paper English 9th Class 2020(All Punjab Boards)

  1. 9th Class Mathematics Guess Paper 2020
  2. 9th Class Physics Guess Paper 2020
  3. 9th Class Biology Guess Paper 2020
  4. 9th Class English Compulsory Guess Paper 2020
  5. 9th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2020
  6. 9th Class Pak Studies Guess Paper 2020
  7. 9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2020
  8. 9th Class Islamiyat Guess Paper 2020
  9. 9th Class Civics Guess Paper 2020
  10. 9th Class General Science Guess Paper 2020
  11. 9th Class Islamiyat Elective Guess Paper 2020
  12. 9th Class General Mathematics Guess Paper 2020
  13. 9th Class Education Guess Paper 2020
  14. 9th Class Home Economics Guess Paper 2020
  15. 9th Class Punjabi Guess Paper 2020
  16. 9th Class History of Islam Guess Paper 2020
  17. 9th Class History of Pakistan Guess Paper 2020
  18. 9th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2020
  19. 9th Class Physics arts group Guess Paper 2020
  20. 9th Class Physics science group Guess Paper 2020
  21. 9th Class Health and Physical Education Guess paper 2020
  22. 9th Class English Compulsory Guess paper 2020
  23. 9th Class Geography Guess paper 2020
  24. 9th Class Commercial Geography guess paper 2020
  25. 9th Class English Literate Guess paper 2020
  26. 9th Class Urdu Literature Guess paper 2020
  27. 9th Class Mathematics arts group guess paper 2020
  28. 9th Class Mathematics science guess paper 2020
  29. 9th Class advanced Islamic Studies Elective Guess paper 2020
  30. 9th Class AL-Hadith Guess paper 2020(Druss Nizami group)
  31. 9th class Civics guess paper 2020
  32. 9th class Persian guess paper 2020
  33. 9th class Clothing and Textiles guess paper 2020 (Parcha bafi)
  34. 9th class Beautician guess paper 2020
  35. 9th class Fish farming guess paper 2020
  36. 9th class Wood working guess paper 2020
  37. 9th class furniture making guess paper 2020
  38. 9th class Chemistry guess paper 2020
  39. 9th class general science guess paper 2020
  40. 9th class electrical wiring guess paper 2020
  41. 9th class Environment studies guess paper 2020
  42. 9th class Dress Making and fashion designing guess paper 2020
  43. 9th class Economics guess paper 2020
  44. 9th class poultry and nutrition guess paper 2020
  45. 9th class urdu compulsory guess paper 2020
  46. 9th class Geography of Pakistan guess paper 2020
  47. 9th class history of Pakistan guess paper 2020
  48. Al-Quran guess paper 2020
  49. 9th class Art and model drawing guess paper 2020
  50. 9th class pak studies compulsory guess paper 2020
  51. Repair and main of domestic ref. air. And desert cooler guess paper 2020
  52. 9th class Islamiyat compulsory guesspaper 2020
  53. 9th class seerat-ul-rasool guess paper 2020
  54. 9th class Ethics guess paper 2020
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