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Chemistry Guess Paper 9th Class 2019

Chemistry is of the most difficult subject in education system subjects. Either its matric subject or intermediate. every student nervous on chemistry subject paper 2019. why not worry student, its so irritating subject according to students feed backs. Student says it very hard to memorize the chemistry formulas.

In case of annual exam you can not take risk of forgetting the chemistry paper. In every case you should prepare chemistry paper 2019 for passed in good marks.

It is smart way to get rid of paper preparation is, also prepare 9th class chemistry guess paper 2019 . It really help to learn more and you will get more marks in paper.

Guess Paper of Chemistry 9th Class

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9th class Chemistry Short Question guess paper

  • Element and types
  • Valency
  • Homo and Hetero mixing
  • A n Z
  • Emp form
  • Exercise 1.3
  • NA
  • Free Rad
  • Mol ion
  • Exercise # 1,2,3,5,12,18,10
  • Elec conf
  • Isotopes of U, Cl
  • Carbon dating
  •  Iso in poer equation
  • Exercise # 2,4,9,11
  • Triads
  • Periodic law
  • Preiodic period at radius
  • Octaves
  • Zeff
  • Shioeld ing effect
  • IE
  • EA
  • Trend at radius
  • Trans element


Other Chemistry Short Question guess paper


This short question definition is optional and you may prepare them to increase the chances of good marks

  • Define electro negativity?
  • Define electroplating. ?
  • Define electrochemistry?
  • Define empirical formula with example. ?
  • Define freezing point. ?
  • Define physical chemistry and biochemistry?
  • Define reducing agent. ?
  • Define pressure and write its unit?
  • Define relative atomic mass. ?
  • Give the applications of silver.
  • Give scope of Bio Chemistry.
  • Give the difference between electrolytic cell electrochemical cells.
  • How can you define atomic radius?
  • Give two postulates of Bohr’s atomic theory.
  • Define solubility?
  • Define supersaturated solution?
  • Define standard atmosphere pressure?
  • Define the empirical formula an example?
  • Explain the relationship between mass and mole of substance?
  • Define the term allotropy with examples?
  • Explain the term absolute zero?
  • How can you justify the milk is colloid?
  • How oxygen reacts with group II A metals?
  • Why does sodium forma chemical bound with chloride?
  • Why ionic compounds are easily soluble in water?
  • Why have water polar covalent bonds?
  • Write down the names of elements of group 1 with their symbols?
  • Why magnesium is harder than sodium?


9th class Chemistry Long Question guess paper

  1. Briefly describe the electrolysis of water.
  2. Briefly describe the electrolytic refining of copper.
  3. Define hydrogen bonding. Explain how these properties affect the physical properties of compound.
  4. Describe different types of molecules.
  5. Describe different ways of expressing the percentage composition of a solution.
  6. Describe Nelson’s Cell for the manufacture of Caustic soda from brine solution.Differentiate between dilute
  7. solution and concentrated solutions with a common example.
  8. Discuss the construction and working of a cell in which electricity is produced.
  9. Discuss the important features of modern periodic table.
  10. Discuss the working of Daniel cell.
  11. What is a coordinate covalent bond? Explain it with example.
  12. What is an isotope? Describe the isotope of hydrogen with diagram.Write a short note on Allotropy.
  13. Write down the important chemical reactions of halogens.

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