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Where to study ?

There are many options and many places estudiar.La first question you have to ask yourself is which language mastered and want to perfect or what language you want to learn. This is the first step to begin to define your destiny. From there, there are different aspects to consider in choosing a foreign country. Below is a list of some of the points to consider: – Check exhaustively the offer on the market. The overseas training must be appropriate and specific to each person according to educational level, age, resources, etc. – Choosing the right course in relation to the objectives, motivation and interests. – Assess the decision from the point of view, academic and professional. – The rankings of schools. Each year various magazines and websites rankings produced some universities and schools. What ranking position is the center that interests you? – Thorough understanding of conditions that develops the stay and the program: housing conditions, qualified teachers, length of classes, insurance, infrastructure, student profile , etc. – Whether there is any scholarships or grants to study in this country and what. – thorough understanding culture destination country. Think that each country has its customs and habits that are important to know before you go. Schedules, cost of living, climate, language, housing, among others. – Well informed about all the steps to take before you leave, health insurance, residence permit procedures to follow to launch studies, etc.. these are some of the points you need to make a good reflection before choosing your destination.