Top 10 Insurance Companies in USA

GEICO, Allstate and Progressive are some of the top USA insurance companies. We will discuss the top 10 insurance companies in this article and they are considered to be the 10 pillars of the car insurance market because they have the largest market share amount. These 10 companies offer great deals; on the other hand, each company might offer something out of the box according to the specific customer’s needs.


  1. GEICO

From the top 10 insurance companies, GEICO insurance company is very popular because of its life-long collaboration with the Military & Veteran community. Apart from this, this company also makes many donations, scholarships and assistance programs for the person who belongs to the army in the present or past.

  1. Allstate

Allstate is offering cheap auto insurance price to the teen drivers. They strongly push the teenager’s drivers market. If you are also the teenage driver then you are eligible to get the low-cost car insurance rates, games & free rewards.

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  1. Infinity

The best of part of the Infinity car insurance company is the customer can easily receive his own agent. This thing eliminates the stress from the customer when at the same time same representative is taking care of someone claims from more than one year, receiving trust and also support the customer in regards to the quires. With the wide-ranging choice of low-cost rates of the car insurance and the personalized services, Limitlessness decides itself from the others and that quality makes this top insurance company.

  1. Progressive

Progressive, which is an auto insurance company offers wide-ranging variety of discounts. Apart from taking advantage from these discounts and promotional deals, a customer can also get the benefits from the low-cost auto insurance.

  1. Nationwide

Separately from the cheap and the competitive auto insurance rates, Nationwide offer tremendously suitable services. They have many facilities like to go through with the repair procedure along with the option of the further online progress.

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  1. ING

ING Limited, world’s leading life insurers providers. They offer a wide range of products & services which are assisted by a financial advisor’s team. ING clients spread globally like Europe, USA, America, Asia, Australia and Canada.

  1. ZURICH Financial services

ZURICH Financial services are basically a Financial Service Group. It offers Insurance solutions to the customers, and on the other hand, it also offers life risk & solutions of Investments to the corporate & personal both customers according to their needs.

  1. American insurance Association

AIA Group, which is a leading Asian Life insurance organization which offers consumers & businesses both the products and services for the life insurance, planning of retirement, health insurance and management solutions.

  1. MedAmerica Insurance Company

As you get older, this insurance company will tell you some steps on how to ensure your both medical & financial wishes. This insurance company is famous for its quality products and excellent customer service.

  1. Standard insurance company

This insurance company provided its financial services to the groups who have 10 to 2,500 employees and it deals in regards to the accident & health insurance products and their Product availability differ by state.

I hope that this article will help you to find the best insurance company according to your specific needs.

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