Tips to Study More Efficiently

Learn time management is very important, and a suggestion that I can give is to make a study schedule, which is necessary to investigate how much time you need to devote to each subject, and the various activities that take place during the day:

  • Logs all activities
  • Set a time for rehearsals
  • Fixed time for breaks
  • Fixed time for tasks
  • Form and semi weekly goals, you can achieve.
  • Rest for 5 to 10 minutes after each hour of concentrated study
  • Study every day a little, this facilitates the retention
  • Study at fixed times and places, it helps to form habits.
  • Keep a balance between sleep, eat, study, work and fun.
  • Study Environment

Create an environment that can be concentrated are distractions. Find the best conditions you can study and stick to them.
Avoid distractions. Alone or in combination, music, food and alcohol are relaxing, so instead of studying what you will accomplish is sleep.
Do not study in bed. All I get is asleep, the bed serves to rest not to study.
Planning and Organization

What you can do is check it daily schedule and also record your academic goals. Before you start studying prepares the space you occupy and have all the material at hand .. avoid all distractions, focus and time spent will be more efficient.

  • Plan your day in the morning or at bedtime, set your priorities.
  • Concentrate on one activity at a time.
  • Use the calendar
  • Examine your monthly goals, and reward yourself when fulfill.
  • Do not worry about your failures pro, get busy!

Discussion & Feed Back:
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