Panama Case Result 2024 Announced

Panama case result has been announced according to supreme court the nawaz shreef prime minister of pakistan has been failed to proved their property his own to JIT. Prime minister nawaz shreef suspended for his post and supreme court have give 15 days time so nawaz sheerf can give evidence of his innocent. But for now he is in big trouble with his family maryem nawaz and sons.

Panama case result is most awaiting result and peoples are stuck on tv screen to see what result come about panama leaks case. Finally Court announced the panama case decision and declare the panama case result.

The Supreme Court had secured a decision on July 21 after reviewing the report of Joint Investigation Team jointly established under this April 20 decision.

The five-member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has decided and declare prime minister Nawaz Sharif eneligble regarding Panama Leaks case,and order to file a reference in NAB against him and his family members.

The workers and ministers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf outside the court started to celebrate immediately after the panama case decision, and announced that they would celebrate festivals by going to the village.

The bench of the Supreme Court in which 5 judges included to hearing the initial case on the case of Panama Leaks.

Under article 184 of pakistan court have announced the finaldecision and said that in the 2013 nomination papers filed in Nawaz Sharif, the FZE company is not honest and honored by not showing its assets.

After the panama decision in Multan, the workers of PML-N protest against this decision.

The Minister of State for Information, Mary Aurangzeb said, ‘Today we have apparently lost a decision. If seen in the political background of Pakistan, today’s decision has not been surprised to regret.

People’s views on public places remain on TV screens and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Naeem ul Haq has said that because of security reasons Imran Khan today did not come to hear the verdict of the Panama case. They also watch panama result on tv screen.







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