Pak Studies Guess Paper 9th Class 2019

In matriculation, Pakistan studies is compulsory subject. Pak studies is easy subject when it comes to reading and gaining knowledge, but at the same time it is hard to learn by heart. This subject covers everything that is related to Pakistan history, constitution, Pakistan geography and Pakistan’s international relations with other countries etc. Considering the significance of this subject and to make this subject easy, we our providing free online Pak studies guess paper for 9th class meant for the year 2019.

Its exams season! Time is too short and course is lengthy to cover by all students. Especially for the ones who are weak or average students. Now, you do not need to read and learn every inch of your book. Just click, download our guess papers and start you preparations for your pak-studies examination 2019. Our guess paper will make you preparation easy and fruitful in terms of gaining good mark. However, our pak-studies guess paper will not only benefit weak or average students to gain good marks but bright students as well. Our guess paper for this subject can help them to improve their grades, for sure. Guess papers on our site are valid for all boards of education across Pakistan. Do good and good wishes!

Short Question

  • jadid scientists ,
  • zikrya razi,
  • qurani ayat,
  • ibn ul haitm, dr ishfaq,
  • dr munir,
  • botany, geography,
  • zøology,
  • respiration,
  • astronomy,
  • allotropic n non allotropic forms,
  • rare gases,
  • water,
  • iron,
  • phosphorus ehmiat ,
  • calcium,
  • enzymes, DNA,
  • metabolism,
  • genetic enginering,
  • pencilin,vaccines,
  • animal bite,jal jana,smal pox,
  • proteins, glands,first aid,
  • vitamins,
  • measles,hepatitis,t.b,
  • jarasim k phelao,
  • green house effect, mahool k aalodgi,
  • dimaghi bimarian,drug,
  • round worm, thread worm
  • medicine, narcotics,
  •  fosil fuels,
  • jangli hayat,
  • global warming
  • abadi k mahool per asrat,
  • mashni farming,
  • smog, ozone,

Long Question

  • types of computer,
  • 3,4 generation,
  • buses,
  • plotter,
  • input devices,
  • port,
  • printers,
  • note on number system,
  • computer code,
  • 1,s and 2,s complement,
  • truth table,
  • k map,
  • page 94 to 97
  • 2

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