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Pair of Words With Sentences

No. Word 1 Word 2 Review
1. Accept Except

2. Adoptive Adopted

3. Adverse Averse

4. Advice Advise

5. Affect Effect

6. All ready Already

7. All together Altogether

8. Allot A lot

9. Allusion Illusion

10. Altar Alter

11. Ambiguous Ambivalent

12. Among Between

13. Amoral Immoral

14. Appraise Apprise

15. Are Our

16. Augur Auger

17. Award Reward

18. Bad Badly

19. Beside Besides

20. Brake Break

21. Breathe Breath

22. By Buy

23. By Bye

24. Can May

25. Canvas Canvass

26. Capital Capitol

27. Censure Censor

28. Cite Site

29. Clothes Cloths

30. Coarse Course

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