Inter 1st Year Computer Science Guess paper 2024 (100%)



List some examples of pointing devices. OR Define Static and Dynamic memory devices. OR Define computer network Also describe any three network connectivity devices in detail.

Differentiate between bit and byte.

Define dedicated server. OR Describe the use of web server.

State the purpose of FTP.

Name difference network topologies. OR Compare the features of BUS and START topologies.

What is ASCII Code?

Compare simplex and half duplex mode. OR Describe full duplex mode of data transmission.

List out different elements of data communication. OR What is serial data transmission? OR What is Data Communication? OR What do you know about parallel data transmission? OR State the purpose of data link layer OR How data can be represented in computer system? OR How can we protect our data from viruses? OR Discuss some ways in which the security of data may he violated. OR Define synchronous data transmission. OR Differentiate between data and information. OR What is data bus? OR Explain data security.

Define backup. OR Why is backup important?

What is antivirus? OR Write names of any four antivirus programs. OR Give some examples of latest anti-virus software.

Describe computer architecture.

Why RAM is caned volatile memory? OR Why RAM is called Random Access Memory? OR Why does DRAM use more power? OR Why is RAM called volatile? OR Define DRAM. OR Differentiate between SRAM and DRAM. OR Define PROM.

What is FLAGS register? OR List out the name of general purpose registers.

What is a compiler? OR Compare compiler and interpreter.

State the purpose of fetch instruction. OR Describe Fetch-Decode-Execute cycle of CPU.

Define word processor. OR List out some uses of word processor. OR Define worksheet. OR Define MS Office. OR List two benefits of spreadsheet. OR State the use of clipboard in MS-Word. OR List two benefits of spreadsheet. OR Define spreadsheet. OR List two benefits of spreadsheet. OR What is cell in MS-Excel? OR List any four functions in MS-excel. OR What is 3-D sheet? OR How formula is used in MS-Excel? Give an example. OR Define word processor. OR What is paragraph formatting?

Define the term video conferencing. OR List some benefits of video conferencing.

State the purpose of ATM.

How computer can be used in marketing?

What do you know about computer simulation? OR Write briefly the uses of Computer Simulation. OR State the purpose of computer simulation.

Describe CBT.

What is the purpose of Recycle Bin?

Describe GUI operating system. OR Give some examples of GUI operating system.

Define internet.

Define web browser. OR How web pages are created? OR Define the sign up process on any web mail facility.

Define information technology.

How is printer resolution measured? OR Write the advantages of non-impact printers over impact printer. OR Write a brief note on Non-impact printers. OR Explain different types of impact printers. OR Differentiate between Dot Matrix printer and Daisy Wheel printer.

What is the use of MICR? OR Describe microphone.

What do you mean by CSMA / CR?

Describe Metropolitan Area Network.

Define Analog Signal.

List three features of modem. OR Explain external modem.

What do you mean by computer security?

Write the benefits of password

Define bus inter connection. OR Write down names of different system buses.

Define stack.

Define the term “Interrupt”.

Define DMA.

What is mail merge? OR How can you merge cells?

Write shortcut key to print a document.

Distinguish between formula and function.

Define monitoring system in hospital.

Define Robot. OR How robots are used in industry?

Differentiate between CAD and CAM.

List name of five search engines.

Distinguish between single-user and multi-user operating system. OR Give some examples of operating system. OR Define command line operating system.

Define bar code. OR What is bar code reader?

Write some benefits of using computer networks. OR Define the term network topology. OR Define star topology. OR What is DSL? OR What is network interface card? OR What do you mean by LAN? OR Compare LAN and WAN transmission speeds.

Explain virus activation in computers. OR What is a Computer virus? OR How does boot sector virus work?

What is language processor? OR Explain computer languages. OR Distinguish between low level and high level languages.

What is zkro-address instruction format?

Describe the function of input / output unit.

What is the concept of stored program machine?

What is the concept of memory address? OR Write a short note on Main Memory. OR Define Memory Cell, Memory Word and Byte. OR Define memory address. OR Define the role of main memory in computer system.

Describe “Undo” and “Redo” commands.

What is online education? OR Write some benefits of computer aided learning.

How computer can be useful in weather forecasting?

What does URL mean? OR Differentiate between E-mail Address and URLs.

What is Unicode?

What is broad band?

What is privacy issue?

What is logic bomb?

What is control unit?

What is motherboard?

What is my document folder? OR Write a short note on the rules for file and folders names. OR What are the rules to set names for file and folder in Windows?

Define E-commerce.

How computer can be used in airline system?

Define sum and average function.

Name some ISP’S in Pakistan.

Define Cycle Time.

Define Modulation list three different types of modulations.

Define multitasking.

Define pixel.

Define ports.

Define reprographics.

Define the term client.

Define the working of Scanner.

Define transmission modes.

Define WAN with example.

Define Workgroup computing Give its two disadvantages.

Define Word Wrap and Headers and Footers.

Describe Print Queue.

Describe window explorer

Differentiate between compile and interpreter.

Differentiate between Asynchronous and Synchronous transmissions.

Distinguish between arithmetic unit and logical unit.

How does a mouse work?

List some features of computer.

State the purpose of transport layer.

What are gateways?

What is communication satellite?

What is electronic shopping?

What is Email?

What is file management?

What is IT?

What is Thesaurus?

What is touch screen?

Write a short note on Plotter.

Write two advantages and two disadvantages of fiber optic cable.


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