Independence Day 14 August 1947 Historical Photos & Pics

The people of the entire country are celebrating the Independence Day of Pakistan on August 14, 2017. Here we discus the about pakistan history and background with the help of the images and photos. Because it is a Islamic country, so we celebratee differently. Gather under the green flag, we sing the National Trana  and the National Song. Some people so loves their country so they were green and white shirts and dresses to show their loves. Peoples also go Maniar Pakistan in Lahore specially Lahore citizen and give thanks to Quid-e-Azam.

Pakistan was acquired under an ideology, today is a very important and proud one for us. Can not forget your martyrdom, remember the sacrifices of those who were disadvantaged in the fight against terrorism.

The development of education without education could be resolved, the only way to achieve development is education alone, the country with only two ships, is now self-sufficient in the process of JF 17 Thunder. We overcome all the problems happily.


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Pakistan’s Independence Day photos and pics is available to download for the desktop mobile and facebook cover. Photos on August 14, 1947 history photos and pictures plus wallpapers are ready in High display for usage of presentation, print and desktop wallpapers.

Pakistan is freedom is result struggle of Pakistan’s leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah and joint sacrifices of our native and his head. It was the 14th August day called independence day when the Muslims of the subcontinent got their own land, where they could live according to their religion roles and guide lines. After the remarkable efforts of Pakistan peoples and leaders achieved this country. Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a man of great ability, was sure about getting own country where Muslims live happily theirs own ways. Actually Jinnah and Iqbal want a country that will be according to the ideology of Islam.


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