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How to Prepare for an Exam

Be clear about the type of test: Is it oral, written, practical, theoretical or multiple choice?
Review the previous examinations. This will tell you an idea of ??the style of each teacher’s questions.
Pay attention to the class before the test, as they usually do rehearsals and exercises that have to do with what was asked.

What the teacher marked as ‘important’ is almost always subject to review.
Imagine being your own teacher, answering what you think he will ask.
Try to get a calm attitude to the test. Of the nerves get nothing and instead you can decentralize.
Try to answer all questions. So some answers’re unsure, remember that knowledge are linked together, and you might not know what is related to a topic you know well. Always go to your common sense and your logic.
Rule of thumb: before you answer, make sure you understood the question.
If you get stuck with any particular point, move to another topic. Do not waste too much time to answer what you know.
Express your ideas clearly and coherently.

If the examination is oral, it is important to get well prepared because improvisation is a mortal enemy in this kind of tests. The self-control and serenity, are key. Therefore, when studying for these tests, can help to stand before a mirror and rehearse posture, tone of voice and attitude are reflected to the teacher.
Here are ten rules to take into account when presenting an oral examination:

Take care of your personal appearance, that is correct for examiners and comfortable for you.
The first few minutes are critical. Start developing the idea that you know better.
Much of your success depends on the style you use. So short, precise sentences will help.
Do not look down. Try to talk to everyone and not just to one of the teachers.
Demonstrate balance in the length of your answers. Neither too short or too long.
Uses language appropriate for the occasion. Remember that you are talking to friends.
Do not force the teacher to make an effort to listen. Speak clearly, intensely and perfectly modulated.
Learn how to qualify: you know there main ideas and supporting details.
Organize mentally to adjust the exposure time. Use all the time you have.
Leave a reply to the end “star”.
In the case of a written exam, remember:

The long answers must always be clear and related to the question.
Watch your handwriting, vocabulary and spelling.
Read the question several times to understand it completely.
When you finish answering, uses few minutes to review the answers.