How Much Does a Radiologist Make?

A radiologist is a medical professional, expert at the use of radiation to diagnose and treat diseases such as skeletal problems, cancer, cardiac diseases and even problems in bodily tissues. Radiation basically aids in determining the state of a patient’s health – a necessary step in deciding on an appropriate treatment method. These days, it is nearly mandatory to get an X-ray, CAT scan or MRI first before the diagnosis of a serious condition is deemed final.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for the services of radiologists is likely to go up by 22% before 2018. It does sound like a promising career indeed but be cognizant of the amount of training required before you ask the question: how much does a radiologist make? It may be a well-paying job but getting there is still a very difficult process. There will be a lot of studying that is required as well as serious exams in order to get a degree within this field. It is important that you make sure that this career is the right one for you and your needs.

Training begins by completing a bachelor’s degree in any field but preferably in an area of science. After this, an aspirant has to earn another degree as Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). To get professional experience in the field, a four-year residency program is required either in radiology or radiation oncology. Just like other medical professionals, a radiologist must also pass a licensing exam administered by the state. Patients pay for expertise so the state and the medical community does their best to guarantee — through intensive training— that this is exactly what they get from licensed radiologists.

So how much does a radiologist make? Statistics peg radiologists’ salary somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000 annually. This figure still depends on the place of work, years of experience and area of specialization. The difference can be rather significant. The entry level salary for radiologists for instance is only around $150,000, a far cry from the $600,000 annual salary paid to experienced radiologists working in top private hospitals.

The best thing about being a radiologist though is that the services of this medical professional are very much in demand. This is thanks to developments in radiation technology which have made diagnosing cancer, bone problems, heart conditions and other diseases easy and accurate.

If you are aspiring to be one, stop asking the question: how much does a radiologist make? Instead work on being a competent radiologist, well-trained and highly skilled. There is bound to be a bright future ahead of you.

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