Grants scholarships and programs

Grants, scholarships and programs
The European Union has launched a series of Community programs to promote the mobility of students between countries of the Union.
The PAP (long learning Learning Programme) aims to facilitate the interchange, cooperation and mobility between systems education and training of the participating European countries, so that they become a benchmark for quality in the world. It’s a single program that deals with learning from infancy to maturity. The PAP is being carried out in 2007-2013 and replaces the old programs Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci and eLearning.
Within the PAP develop four actions:
Comenius Programme : aims to strengthen the European dimension in the field of early childhood education, primary and secondary, promoting mobility and cooperation between schools. Within this program, as an accompanying measure, is the eTwinning is an initiative of the European Commission to promote collaboration between schools in Europe through the use of information technology and communication (ICT).
Erasmus Programme : aims to address the teaching and learning needs of all participants in the upper eduaci�n approved (including transnational placements of students in companies), as well as the institutions and organizations providing or facilitating such education and training.
Leonardo da Vinci : addresses the teaching and learning needs of all participants in vocational training, as well as the institutions and organizations providing or facilitating such education and training.
Grundtvig Program : addresses the teaching and learning needs of the participants in all forms of adult education, as well as the institutions and organizations providing or facilitating the eduacion.
Study visits : its aim is to promote European cooperation, exchange of information and experiences between specialists and vocational education in areas of common interest to the countries participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme.
In addition, various public and private scholarships and grants that promote facilitate a stay abroad. Then you have some:
MEC : Annually the Ministry of Education announces scholarships for a stay of at least 3 weeks abroad to learn a language. These scholarships are aimed at students aged 16 to 30 years and also teachers.
MAEC-AECID : scholarships are sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development. The scholarships are for students who want to study Spanish in Spain who want to study abroad.
Scholarships for language learning : Grants from the Ministry of Education to learn foreign languages.
Vulcanus Program : Program for one year in Japan industrial internships for students from the European Union
Bancaja Scholarships : International scholarships, research grants, and other assistance award, sports and entrepreneurs.
La Caixa Scholarships : Scholarships to study in Spain, USA, Germany, France, UK, Canada, China, India and countries in the European Higher Education Area.
Fulbright Scholarships : Scholarships for university graduates to study, research or teaching in the United States.
Argo Global Scholarships : Scholarships for internships in companies in Europe, Asia, Canada and USA.
United World Colleges Scholarship : Scholarships to study in any school international baccalaureate organization United World Colleges
Caja Madrid Scholarships : Scholarships to study a master’s degree, a postgraduate or research in Europe, Canada or the U.S..

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