How to be Efficient with Home Study

How many times have you left your homework for the weekend?; Did you get to that last Sunday afternoon and still have all outstanding homework? If you answered these questions positively, surely you lacked proper planning of your study time. Often it is not enough to study the will: create habit.

Self-discipline is perhaps one of the most significant achievements in the academic and certainly compensates the optimal performance in school or college. Many very capable students end up with poor school performance to their disorganization, while others less gifted have been successful because they have discipline and plan their study.

Plan your study schedule, it should be adjusted to personal circumstances is useless because a strict plan, if it is impossible to meet. However, the recommended frequency is:

4-6 years 15-30 minutes / day 3 or 4 days / week
7-12 years 1-2 hours / day, 5 days / week
13-18 years 2-3 hours / day 5 or 6 days / week
Basic rules

Regardless of age and personal circumstances, there are basic rules for home study:

  • Hours of study must be at the same time so that it becomes a habit.
  • Plan where to do the work, do not improvise.
  • It is best to start with small goals to aim high and not be able to fulfill them.
  • Consistency is a key condition for acquiring proper study habits.
  • Plan also breaks. They are an important part of a study session. For every 45 minutes of work, take 5/10 minute break.
  • Sort materials according to their difficulty. Do not start with the most difficult, even with the easier. The subjects served warm neutral.
  • Leave the end what you find most pleasing. You’ll be in good taste.
  • Drawing up a schedule where leave unclear what time will you spend on each thing. Share it with your brothers and your parents. They will help you respect.

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