Biology Guess Papers 9th Class 2024

If you are finding guess paper of biology 9th class then you are landing on the right page because here you will get 9th class biology guess paper 2024 with latest update new guess. The student of 9th class have give the English paper and we hope every student bring good marks and get good Grade A+.

Next Paper of ninth class is biology so every one looking for new guess paper of biology ninth class. I know and that’s why our team have collect and give you latest new guess paper of biology 9th class so don’t worry and download ninth class biology guess paper below.


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New Biology Short Question Guess 2024 Note Down All question Below Picture.

Bio issues, bio elements, micro n macro, pop n com, 4 unicellular org, parts of mustard plant, chr of hypothesis, control exp, meaning of malaria, incubation period, theory, law, principal, ex of bio laws, bioinformatics, aim0f clas, ex heirarchy, andria and leaneus work, pirons n viroids,virus living or non living, sc names of onion n crow, clas of human, endangerd n extinct species, magnification n resolution, microgrph, fluid mosaic model, plasmodesmata, nucleplasm, cristae, sisternae, RER n SER, semi permeable membrane, passive transport, hypertonic, hypotonic, isotonic, turgor pessure

New Bilogy Long Question Guess Paper 2024

Question No. 1:

  1. A) DefineBiodiversity also explain Binomial Nomenclature?
  2. B) Difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell?

Question No. 2:

  1. A) What is biology and give these branches?
  2. B) Which steps involved in biological method, Explain it?

Question No. 3:

  1. A) What do you know plant and animal tissue also Explain it?
  2. B) Give cell organize in details?

Question No. 4:

  1. A) Short note on following

(i) E.M

(ii) Fluid Mosaic Model

  1. B) Draw and Labeled Plant and Animal Cell?

Question No. 5:

  1. A) What do you know about apoptosis and necrosis?
  2. B) Write detail note on

(i) Mechanism of enzymes action

(ii) Factor affecting on enzyme action

Question No. 6:

  1. A) Mechanism of photosynthesis?
  2. B) Mechanism of respiration?
  3. C) ATP structure also briefly explain it?

Question No. 7:

  1. A) Detail note on Vitamins?
  2. B) Give anatomy of liver and also give their silent function?

Question No.8:

  1. A) Give the anatomy of human heart?
  2. B) What do you know about composition of blood, Also give their disorder?

Question No. 9:

  1. A) Detail note on blood vessels?
  2. B) Discuss human bold circulatory system?

Question No. 10:

Short Note on

(i) Balance Diet

(ii) Malnutrition

(iii) Disorder of Gut

(iv) Factor affecting the rate of transpiration

(v) Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration?

Note: It is clearly stated here that we have collected & sort-out 9th class biology guess paper 2024 with professors help by Considered past papers, important questions that comes in papers every year and on-line sources. We are 99 percent sure if the students prepare this guess paper that candidate will get passed with very good marks in biology paper.

Biology Guess Paper 10th Class 2024

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