Biology Guess Papers 10th Class 2024

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10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2024

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Biology Short Question Guess Paper

What is a clot? OR What is the function of clot?
What is autotroph? Give an example.
HoW does predator prey relationship affect populations?
What is meant by acid rain?
Write down about green house affect
Define pericardium.
What is composition of blood?
Define enzymes.
Define Bowman capsule.
Compare autumn wood and spring wood.
What is cambium?
Define nastic movement.
How many movements in plants?
Compare geotropism and phototropism?
Write down about locomotion in volvox
What is associative neurons?
Define hormones.
What is chromosome?
Define allele.
What is meant by plasmodesmata?
What is a coenzyme?
Define myocardial infarction.
Define limiting factor.
What is meant by glycolysis?
What is meant by micronutrients? Give examples.
Write two points on the importance of biodiversity.
Role of skeletal system in body
Write down two disorder along with one reason of human skeletal
What is vitreous humour
What us the cause of dwarfism
Define epiglotti. Write its function.
Write two functions of B-Lymphocytes
Define Binary Fission. Write the observations of binary fission in Amoeba./Define multiple fission. OR Define Binary Fission in Unicellular Eukaryotes.
Define skin? Write its functions. OR Write the role of skin in homeostasis?
Write a detail note on cartilage with respect to structure, composition and types. OR Where fibrous cartilage is found?
Write the names of the hormones secreted by ovaries. OR Function of hormones Insulin and Glucagon OR Which hormones are secreted by glands? What functions are
controlled by these hormones? OR Name parts of adrenal gland and their hormones.
Write the functions of hypothalamus.
What is the function of occipital lobe and temporal lobe in human brain? OR Major parts of hind brain and forebrain and how they perform their fuctions. OR How brain
is protected?
What are symptoms of pneumonia?
Explain various types of nerves. OR Write down types of nerves on basis of axon characters?
Write down the symptoms and treatment of Asthma?
When Kidneys form Hypotonic and Hypertonic Urine? OR What is the normal / normal chemical composition of urine? OR What steps are involved in the formation of Urine in
the kidneys?
Write down the cause of paralysis?
Define Coordination with the help of examples and name the types of coordination in living organism. OR Explain five components of coordination process. OR In chemical
coordination, who act as effectors? OR Write down function of coordinator?
Define Stimuli and Response. And write down examples of response?
Describe briefly the organs of human nervous system and ame two disorders of nervous system.
Define transpiration and why transpiration does not take place at night? OR What important role is played by transpiration in plants?
Describe the target age of epilepsy? and which drugs are taken in the epilepsy?
What is stimulus? Give examples.
Write the structure and function of Alveolus.
What is voice box?
What is tubular secretion? OR What is Semen? Name two glands which pour thier secretions into it.
What is trachea?
What is Kidney stone? Write down its causes. OR What is Osmoregulatory function of kidney? OR What is the location of kidneys in the body? OR What is kidney
What is the function of temporal lobe?
Define Neuron. What is the function of sensory neuron and motor neuron?
What is the effect of carbon monoxide present in tobacco smoke? OR How does carbon become part of body of plant and animals?
What is stem tuber
What are different parts of angiosperm seeds? OR Define Seed Coat. OR What is Germination of Seed? What are the conditions for Seed Germination? OR What is seed
dormancy? OR What is meant by dormancy
What is salutatory impulse?
What is Rhizomes?
What are renal cortex and renal medulla? OR What is renal tubule? What are its parts?
What is Pharynx?
What is peritoneal dialysis?
What is passive smoking? What is its effect?
What is Osmoregulation?
What is nicotine?
What is mRNA?
What is modern evolutionary theory?
What is marijuana? What is its source?
What is lung cancer?
Define Support, locomotion and Movement. Give its examples.
What is lithotripsy?
What is greenhouse effect?
What is glottis?
What is Fragmentation?
What is Expiration?
What is diaphragm?
What is diabetes mellitus?
What is Corolla? What is its role?
What is cloning?
What is chromatin?
What is cerebrum? What are their functions?
Define biological / nitrogen fixation. How does it occur? OR Write down in sequence the four steps in the nitrogen Cycle. OR Describe two advantages of biological control?
What is arteriosclerosis?
Define liftman Skeleton? Give its types. OR Define skeleton and endoskeleton. OR What are the parts of Axial skeleton? OR What is appendicular skeleton?
What is Amphyema.
Define alternation of generation in plants
Define monohybrid and dihybrid cross
Define Cellular Respiration.
What is aerobic respiration?
What do you mean by Hormone?
What do you mean by dominant and recessive alleles?
What do you know about antigens and antibodies?
What are xerophytes? How do they reduce loss of water?
What are vocal cords?
Define ecosystem. Give examples. OR What are various components of Ecosystem? OR What is the importance of decomposers in an ecosystem? OR What type of organisms always constitute the lowest trophic level in any ecosystem?
What are they caused of osteoporosis?
Describe the function of urinary bladder and urethra is human urinary system? OR What are the parts of urinary system?
Write down types and any four achievements of genetic engineering. OR Write detail of basic steps of genetic engineering. OR What do you know about genetic
engineering? What are the objectives of genetic engineering?
What are the functions of sympathetic and parasympathetic system?
What are the effects of deforestation?
What are the causes of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism?
What are the advantages of SCP?
What are homologous chromosomes? How many of these exist in man?
What are pleural membranes?/Explain the structure of cell membrane with diagram.
What are parathyroid Glands?
What are ligaments and tendons? What function do they perform?
What are hydrophytes? How they remove excess water?
What are Hinge joints? Give example.
What are endospores?
What do you mean by trophic level?
Decribe the process of spore formation in “Rhizopus”.What are decomposers?
What are antagonists? OR Define the antagonists muscles.
What are alveoli?
Wrtie down cause of Rheumatoid arthritis, also give its two Symptoms
Define Sources of variations OR Name two major causes of variations.
How plants remove metabolic wastes from their body?
Function of mucous in human body
Describe the common disorders of the eye.
Why did Mendel select the sweet pea
Define pollution and water pollution and its effect
Define vascular and functional disorders?
Define structure of bone
Define reflex action and reflex arc.
Define receptors. Name the main receptors in man./What is meant by receptors? Give examples.
Define pollination. Name its types. OR Define cross pollination. How is it brought about?
Define Parthenogenesis
Define Genes. Write symbols of genes for any two traits. OR Define traits. Write two human traits
Define osmosis.
Define nucleosome.
Define nephron
Define Nasal Cavity.
Define law of thermodynamics.
Define law of segregation.
Define is guttation? How does it differ from dew?
Define inhalation and exhalation
Define goiter
Define Glomerular Filtrate?
Define food chain and food web. OR Define food chain and give an example of a simple food chain
Define flexor and flexion.
Define fertlization
Define feedback mechanism? OR Describe the mechanism of breathing
Define extensor and extension.
Define epigeal and hypogeal germination
Define effectors
Describe two advantages of vegetative propagation?
What is plasma?
What is serum?
How Euglena and clilamydornonas?
What is the relation of parasite population to host population?
What is meant by mutualism?
Describe the method of performing a voluntary action?
What is neurosis?
How are new plants produced by runners?
What is importance of dispersal of seeds and fruits?
What is the importance of meiosis for sexual reproduetion of aninials?
Define community?
Enlist the scientific fields which supports the theory of evolution on basis of obtained evidences?
What is meant by point mutation?
What are sister chromatid and non-siter chromatid?
From where nitric oxide and chlorine come into the atmosphere?
What is meant by excretion? OR Briefly describe why excretion is necessary?
What is clone?
Define bunding?
Define gene?
What is true breeding?
What is hybrid?
Define ecological pyramid and its types
Define double fertilization.
Define dentrites.
Define Condrocytes?
Define commensalisms. Give an example.
Define Codominance.
Define Bulbs.
Define Budding in Hydra.
Define antagonism.
Compare endocrine and exocrine gland.
what is larynx? write its functions
What is thymosin?
Define Bronchitis.
Write down the names of four organs of urinary system.
What is fermentation? OR What is continous fermentation?
What beta-endorphin? What is its function?
What is meant by nucleosomes?
What is “Punnet Square”?
What is meant by “Social Stigma”?
What are Hallucinogens?
Why does blood become thick due to smoking?
What is hilus?
What is meant by bioelements? What is their number?
What is meant by observations? Write their types.
Write down two characteristics of good hypothesis. OR Define Mass flow hypothesis?
Define endangered species.
Name three endangered species in Pakistan.
Define meiosis.
When and where was the first microscope made?
Define turgor. OR What is importance of turgor?
Define metabolism.
Give one example for each intracellular and extracellular enzyme. OR What is meant by denaturation of an enzyme? OR Define active site of an enzyme. OR What is activation
energy? Write its role in enzyme action. OR What are co-enzymes? Give their function.
What is a cofactor?
Define Bioenergetics.
What does FAD stand for?
Write the role of phosphorus and zinc in plants.
Write the role of dietary fibres in human diet. OR What is the function of Iron and calcium in human diet?
How transport of food occurs in plants?
Write down the definition of Morphology.
What is meant by Biogeography?
Name the three general types of cells in blood.
Name some waste products produced in plants?
How heniophilia is different from anaemia?
Do you think the internal fertilization is found in frog? OR Why the name neurula is given to a specific stage of the embryo of frog?
What do you mean by vegetative propagation?
Is blastulation and gastrulation one and the same thing?
What do you think are the main events of gastrulation process?
What is meant by habitat?
How does predator prey relationship affect populations?
How water as a good Solvent?
What is Ascent of Sap?
What are two major functions of leucocytes?
What is scion?
What is stock?
Write two results of intraspecifiC competition.
Define chiasmata?

Guess Paper 10th Class Biology Long Questions

Write a comprehensive note on farming and forestry.
Write three main principles / postulates of cell theory.
Describe digestion and absorption in small intestine.
Where red blood cells are formed in human? Describe their structure and function.
Write the biological name of man.
Name three parts of large intestine.
How water is important in our diet?
Write the symptoms of diarrhoea and constipation.
How do we classify blood groups in terms of the ABO blood group system? OR Why is type 0 blood considered a universal donor?
What is pus? How is it formed?
What role root hair play in life of plants?
Define cohesion tension theory.
Write a note on water as solvent.
Write a note on the male / female reproductive system of rabbit.
Write a note on structure and location of lungs.
Write a note on spinal cord?
Write a note on pollination.
Write a note on Halophytes?
Write a note on Autonomic Nervous System.
Write a detailed note on the kidney disorders problems.
Write a note on Development and Structure of Seed.
Write a note on cleavage with reference to the development of frog?
Write a brief note on human fore brain and define Midbrain.
Write a short note on “Thalasassaemia”.
Write a note on digestion of food in human stomach.
What are the sources of vitamin-D?
Write a note on introduction of biotechnology. Give its scope and importance in three different feilds
What is symbiosis? Give one difference between Mutualism and commensalish
What is meant by producers? If these are eliminated from Eco-system, what will happen?
Write two methods to remove extra water from plants.
Write the structure of nerve cell?
Explain the structure of nephron with the help of a labeled diagram.
Write the structure of flower. OR How sexual reproduction in flowering plants occurs? OR What is reproduction? Name its types.
Write down the Mendel’s Law of Independent Assortment. OR Describe briefly Mendel’s contribution in the field of genetics. OR Explain Mendel’s Law of Segregation.
Explain budding with the example.
Summarize some method of excretion adopted by plants.
Write a detail and extensive note on urbanization.
Write a note on binary fission in bacteria.
Why do we consider that over population is a global problem?
Briefly describe the technique of tissue culture.
What is gastrulation? Discuss with reference to the development of frog.
Write a note on movement in plants.
What do you understand by the terms tissue culture and cloning?
What type of tissues constitutes the human skeleton? OR Write function of xylem and phloem tissues. OR Write a detail account on components of human skeleton. OR How do the muscles play an important role in the support of skeleton.
What will be Genotype of plant produced as a result of cross between two plants having Genotype Rr?
What is the relation between genes and chromosomes? Write a note on chromosomes.
What is the net gaseous exchange from leaves during day and night times?
What is the importance of medicinal drugs? Write a note on sources from which drugs are obtained? OR Define a drug. State the types of drugs. OR What are the
associated problems related with drug addiction? OR write a note on Sedative drugs and hallucinogens drug OR Write a note on effects of drugs on nervous system.
What is natural selection? Explain the Mechanism of evolution natural selection.
What is land pollution? Write a detail note on causes, effects and control of land pollution.
What is asexual reproduction? Write a note on spores’ formation.
What is artificial vegetative propagation? Explain with the help of two processes. OR What is Vegetative Propagation? Give advantage and disadvantages of vegetative
propagation of plants
Describe the major groups of antibiotics. OR What do you mean by antibiotic resistance?
What are the bad effects of smoking? Write in detail.
State the signs, symptoms, causes and treatments of bronchitis. OR Give an account of the respiratory disorders in Human Bronchitis and Asthma.
Make a model to show the action of diaphragm and ribs.
What are the major organs involved in homeostasis in human body? State the roles of each of these organs.
How extra Carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, and other metabolic wastes can be removed by a plant?
How do the different parts of the plant body exchange gases with the environment?
Explain vaccines. Give its working briefly.
What is Embryo? Write its parts
Describe biotic components of an ecosystem
What is the meant by recombinant DNA Tecnology? Give its one benefit. OR How dose DNA of chromosome work. OR Explain the Watson Crick Model of DNA. OR Describe replication of DNA. OR
Explain the single cell protein.
Explain the male reproductive system of rabbit with label diagram.
Explain the incomplete dominance with an example?
Explain global Warming and acid rain? OR What are the effects of global warming?
Explain different steps of Nitrogen cycle?
Explain competition and predation.
Explain biogeochemical cycles OR Write an essay on the chemical control in plants.
Explain antagonism in muscle action taking biceps and triceps at example.
Discuss the functions of pituitary glare in detail.
Describe two Processes of Dialysis briefly.
Describe the types of joints and give examples. OR Define ball and socket joint. OR Define a joint? What is their role?
Describe osmotic adjustments in plants.
Describe any four applications of fermentation in daily life?
Describe the types and advantages of fermentation
Define parasitism. Explain its types with examples.
Define Ozone depletion Advantages and disadvantage of fermenters and types
Write about contribution of Ali ibn-e-Sina about eye? OR Contributions of Muslim Scientist in Ophthalmology OR Explain the Structure and Function of Eye and Ear. OR Write an account of the structure and function of human eye.
What is meant by Dead Space.
What are discontinous variations? Give examples.
What is the role of over hunting in extinction?
Give two advantages of apoptosis.
What is krebs cycle?
Write causes of cardio vascular disorders.
What is diarrhoea? Write its two causes.
What steps are involved in the formation of urine in the kidney?
Describe the structure and function of thyroid gland and pancreas. OR Name the various endocrine glands of man and give details.
What is meant by analgesics? Give an example.
How plants remove extra carbon dioxide and oxygen outside?
What is meant by human blood plasma?
Write a detailed tissues in plants.
Explain induced fit model.
Explain metaphase and anaphase.
Describe prophase of mitosisin detail.
Explain causes of famine.
Describe in detail the different steps of Light Reaction.
Explain the factors affecting the rate of Transpiration.
What are lysosomes? Give their function.
Write a simple and complete equation for the process of photosynthesis.
Patients bleed from the nose, gums and under the skin in dengue fever. Give reason.
Describe the significance of binomial nomenclature with examples.


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