7 Words To Tell Your Kid Every Day

There is more than a single way to convey to your baby how much you love him. For example, encourage him to never give up on his dreams and ensure that it is protected and cherished. Anytime you want to give him a valuable lesson for life, to teach him something valuable and fortified by this strong bond between you tell one of these things.


  1. “I believe in you!”

Some parents often tell their children: “I believe in you!” Children repeat such formulations, even if they do not fully understand them. The situation can become fun when a child tells his mother that he believes in her! Meanwhile, the children do not forget these words, as they remain imprinted in their memory and helps them in the future.

  1. “Never give up!”

It is good to teach your child to never give up his dreams, even if it is so hard sometimes. It’s an example of a good behavior in life and later he can explain that the persistence will help him achieve his goals and that he can always address new techniques for solving things, if he gets stuck.

  1. “Practice makes perfect!”

This is a proverb that teaches children that they are not going always to solve a problem, but they can be successful if they persist in finding a solution.

  1. No one was born learned!”

It is essential to explain to your children that no one knows everything and that only experience makes you stronger. Thus, they will understand that life is a series of tests and some failures, but mostly a series of teachings from which they can benefit

  1. Failure is not an option!

The children need to understand that if they go out with the thought that they will lose, it is likely that this would happen. When they reach their purpose, children should be determined, to understand that their only viable option is success!

  1. You can learn from any mistake!

Every time your child makes a mistake, do not punish him, do not send him to the corner, but teach him that any error can be a lesson for the future. Then you can ask what he learned from his error to check if he understood what was wrong.

  1. You are loved and protected!

We all remember fondly the days when we were kids and we felt safe with our parents. Besides the fact that your child will feel safe, you will feel better and calm! You can whisper this to you child just before sleep – he is surely going to have sweet dreams.

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