Independence Day Pakistan 14 August 2021 Celebrations

Pakistan Independence Day 14 August یوم آزادی‎; Yaum-e Azadi), celebrate as a freedom day every year in pakistan because on this day in the past 1947, pakistan because independent. Before 1947 pakistan and india are live gather under the British government. After a long strike by pakistan and india British government distribute in to  country and partition of India officially took effect.

14 August 2021

Pakistan nation have national holiday on 14 august 2021 celebrate the independence day every year. Pakistan elders give countless Sacrifices to get separate country so they can live according to islamic rules. Finally pakistan tasted the freedom on this day and pushed the Britishers out of the country.

It reminds us of the creation of Pakistan and on 15 August 1947, India was declared an autonomous country after the distribution of India.

Pakistan 14 August

The Pakistan Movement help to differentiate muslim and hidu peoples religions and cause to creating a separate Muslim state through distribution of North-Eastern and North-Eastern regions of India. The great personality Muhammad Ali Jinnah is lead this movement and make it successful.

It was passing through the Indian Independence Law Act 1947, which resulted in the convenience of the British Parliament, thus the new domain of Pakistan was recognized. Pakistan come in existence of world map in the ramazan 27 ( Mubarak raat Laylat al-Qadr) by GOD Blessings according to Islamic calendar.

The Central Independence Day 2021 begins in Islamabad and Karachi, where national flag is set in presidential and parliamentary buildings. Then the leader has give 14 august speech to national through live television

Generally celebrated for the day and festivals include flags of rising events, legs, cultural events, and patriotic songs. On that day many rewards are often held and a few days after the celebration. Urban often return to the national flag on their homes or emphasize their vehicles and clothing.


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Islamabad: Pakistan’s celebrates 70th Independence Day with tradition ecitment and spirituality. They commitment to protecting the welfare of every country and making a real Islamic welfare state according to the view of Qaida leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

According to ilmkiweb news desk after the morning prayer in federal capital Islamabad Islamabad the morning begin with the 31 set of guns shots.

The main function of Independence Day celebration continues at the Convention Center, where President Mamnoon Hussain fly green flag.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Vice Special Vice President of China, Wang Yang are also present in the flagship flagship ceremony.

Congratulations on the occasion of the 70th Independence Day, Wang Ying said that China’s representation in this ceremony on Pakistan’s invitation is honorable for me.

He said that Pakistan’s nation enslaved its protection despite giving great sacrifices in 70 years and worked hard for national events despite the lack of resources.

Earlier, Karachi’s Progressive Ceremony for the Guardian’s Change Ceremony held in Karachi and the guards’ duties were handled by navy’s cadets.

Commodore Adnan Ahmed was the guest’s special Commandant Naval Academy

At a special ceremony on Mazar Iqbal, the holy army guarded the guard duties of Iqbal.

Flagged celebrations will also be held in provincial capital, district headquarters and other major national institutions.

Throughout the country, we have been very beautifully decorated through public and private buildings, roads and highways, buildings, national, banners and flags and have been attracted to them very well.

President, Prime Minister, Vice President of China, Chairman Senate and Speaker National Assembly will also raise flowers on memorandum of anonymity of democracy in Parliament House today.

In provincial capital, district headquarters and other major national institutions

Remember that freedom trains have started running their journey from Islamabad to set up the four moon for the celebration of independence.

Various aspects of movement, civil society and traditions in the Freedom Train have been highlighted, the train will pass through all provinces and people will be able to travel freely.

Pakistan ambassador to the United Arab Emirates flagged in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of Independence Day

Abu Dhabi. (August 14, 2021), Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Imam Ahmed Ahmed Khan flagged on the occasion of 70th Independence Day of Pakistan.
The United Arab Emirates-based Pakistani community participated in a number of events. On the occasion of flagging ceremony, the Ambassador of Pakistan also read the special messages of President and Prime Minister while the children sing national songs on the occasion of the appointment of Abu Dhabi. On the occasion of the 70th Independence Day, Ambassador of Pakistan, Muqam Ahmed Khan and his wife Lina Mu’min, also cut the cake on the occasion of special ceremony held in Abu Dhabi.

Chief of army staff pakistan Qamar Javed Bajwa Speech on independence Day 2021

Army Chief of Pakistan’s flag the Asia’s largest and world’s eight largest flag on on the Wagha border at 70th Independence Day Event.

The country which is built on the name of allah amd muhammad rasool (SAWW), can not defeat. We have some mistakes from which we have learned and today Pakistan has gone on its true path, which is the way of constitution and law.

Today every institution of Pakistan is working honestly and firmly, and it is not far away when we Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam will be formed by Pakistan.

Lahore / Islamabad: Chief of Army Staff General Qamarjwa Bajwa in South Asia’s fly the largest and world’s eighth big flag on the 70th Independence Day on Wahda border.

The celebration ceremony of Pakistan’s Independence Day 2021 was held in Wahaha Border, where the Special Chief of Army Staff General Qamaraja Bajwa was the guest and other guests were also present.

The national anthem was also read on this occasion, while General Qamar Bajwa and others greeted the national flag and the present participants used to make slogans of Pakistan’s survival. The flagged flag of Pakistan’s largest flag was Pakistan and South Asia. While the whole world is the eighth flag of the world.The Pakistani flag was fired on a height of 440 feet wide, which has 120 feet and 80 feet high.

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa said in his speech that at first I congratulate you all over the 70-year-old celebration of Pakistan, and seeing your enthusiasm is increasing in my confidence.
Bajwa said that the resolution of Pakistan was passed in the city of Lahore ,70 years ago, which got Pakistan after 7 years of struggle and 27th Ramadan on August 14 The night which the country is built on the blessed night and can not defeat it made in the name of Allah and the Muhammad (SAW).

He said that when Pakistan was formed, the country was weak in economical, social,
political, and defensive because India did not give us its right.

But despite the short resources our elders worked hard and stood on their feet. And Today, Pakistan is a strong country which is going on developing day and day.

Qamar Bajwa said that there were some mistakes we had learned during this journey, from which we learned and today Pakistan has gone on its main path.

There is a way of law, today every institution of Pakistan is working honestly and firmly and it is not a day when we are all Iqbal. And Quaid-i-Azam will be made Pakistan.

He said that in this journey we have given many sacrifices whether they are 48, 65, 71 kargil war or war against terrorist or operation path or operation radul fasad, we have made a lot of sacrifices.
I think today The light of our lamp involves the blood of our army. He said that the martyers of Quetta, the martyers of the LOC is present with us today.
We can never forget our solders and we belong to the army who dump the garlic in Sistanchen and find the khaki from our martyrs if we can do then we sure that we will reach to terrorists and killed them.

The army chief said that the enemies of Pakistan who are in the east or in the west, they can know me that their shells and ammunition will end, but our young boys will not end.

He said that Pakistan too External and internal disadvantages are faced with challenges, but I assure you that we will never disappoint you. He said that a power that will look at Pakistan by mistake, or see Pakistan If the internal or external effort is made to harm, then the army and all the institutions will stand in front of it as a wall-mounting wall and You will mix all the ambitions of N.

The army chief said that this flag which we have fly today is a sign of development and in the way we make the 400 feet glag, Pakistan would grow in the same manner and at the same speed.

Congratulations to the celebrity ceremony of Rangers and his team.

Pakistan organized a ceremony regarding the celebration of Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day on great leader Quaid-eazam Muhmmad Ali Jinnah Mazar.

Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair and Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah participated in the event. Governor Sindh and Chief Minister Sindh celebrated the celebrations of nationalism, celebrating their festivals.

The 70th Day Independence day is celebrated throughout the country. On this occasion, we should not forget our martyrdom, it is our responsibility to provide jobs to the people of Murad Ali Shah Karachi, we have many mistakes, but now the situation changes. Talking to media of Governor Sindh Muhammad zubair.

Karachi, the people of Karachi, held the event regarding the celebration of the 70th celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day 2017.
On the funeral of the leader of Karachi Qaumi-e-Muhammadi Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah said that we are celebrating our 70 Independence Day 2017 toady. While talking to the media on this occasion, the government and the Chief Minister Sindh attended the meeting of Mazar-e-Quaid, and present the flowers on ceremony occasion.The 70th Day Independence pakistan is being celebrated throughout the country today and celebration of Independence Day is held.

They Said, we should not forget our martyers on this occasion. Ours olders present the life gifts to law enforcement and to secure the citizens against terrorism. Their sacrifices always will remember and give inspiration.

Sindh Chief Minister Sindh said that the resolution of the Sindh Assembly had already been approved for Pakistan. He said the amendments could be done ahead of the Constitution, Governor Sindh is playing constitutional role. Talking to media, Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair said The basic package will be completed first in the development package. He said that the country is now moving towards development, will improve, Karachi needs investment in development. We will work on the improvement of infrastructure. He said that it is our duty to provide employment opportunities to the people of Karachi, we have had many mistakes, but the situation is changing.


A flagship ceremony held at the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing on the occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan

Beijing. (ilmkiweb Newsstand, August 14, 2017) A flagship ceremony held at the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing on Monday, on the occasion of 70th Independence Day of Pakistan.

Pakistan Ambassador to China Masood Khalid laid the green light flag on the occasion. The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, while the national anthem was also shifted after flagging.

On the occasion of flagging ceremony, the Pakistani ambassador read the special messages of Sardar Malik and Prime Minister Pakistan and congratulated the Pakistani community for the independence of the day and said that today we feel that we ourselves Mukhtar and independent citizens.

Which is compelling. He said that our relationship with China is increasing as well as every day.

Masood Khalid said that China is positioned as a milestone in the future of Pakistan Economic Radiation Plan (CP).

The ceremony was attended by Pakistani Embassy and Consulate General officials, officials, their families and some Pakistanis based in China while the cake was also cut off.

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